Lucas Dohmen

You can read some of my words on Mastodon and some of my code on Codeberg. I'm fluent in both English and German.

Work Experience

When I finished school in 2007, I started working part-time (first during my civil service and then while studying). Since I started working on my master thesis in 2014 I am working full-time.


Team Lead

komoot GmbH

From 09/2023

I am the team lead for the Web client of Komoot, an application that helps you plan and navigate your hiking and biking trips.


Consultant / Senior Consultant

innoQ Deutschland GmbH

04/2015 - 08/2023

I worked on the architecture, conception, and implementation of web applications on the front and back end. I coded in Ruby and JavaScript, helped with technology decisions, and gave trainings on Web architecture and JavaScript.



ArangoDB GmbH (previously known as triAGENS GmbH)

04/2012 - 03/2015

As a member of the core team of ArangoDB – an open source NoSQL database – I worked on the Ruby driver family, designed and implemented most of the Foxx Web API Framework and developed parts of the graph functionality.

Prior to that

Programming Languages

I also have two years of professional experience with Go, but don't like it. Out of frustration about Go, I started playing with Rust. In general, I like to play around with different languages (like Clojure or C#), I even wrote my own little language) a while ago


If you want to learn more about my setup, check out my setup.


I listen to music on repeat when concentrating. It‘s weird that I‘m using Spotify for this purpose, but we have Spotify Duo so… yeah. The music changes a lot. My Spotify Wrapped in 2021 crowned me as one of the top people listing to Max Richter's Four Seasons. 2022 was more Architects (hat tip Bascht) and System of a Down (hat tip to my teenage angst). This might be because I did a lot of Go in the project (which is either because Go is close to the metal or driving me mad, you choose).

Conference Talks

I really like to give talks at conferences and user groups. I had the great honor to speak at conferences and user groups all over the world. Here are some of the conferences I've spoken at (but this list is heavily outdated):


  1. RWTH Aachen, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (from 2008 to 2012). Bachelor Thesis
  2. RWTH Aachen, Master of Science in Computer Science (from 2012 to 2014). Master Thesis

Want to get in contact?

Email me via lucasatdohmendotio. My GPG fingerprint is 1EEF 0573 E355 33E8 1722 042F E203 C1DA 52DA 2D13 – you can also download the key here.